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it's sad, but this is pretty much the only photo I can find of us at a restaurant...usually I'm focused on the food!
My name is Chelsey, and I love food. My husband is Owen, and he is nice, so he takes me out to restaurants, and we are happy.

I blame my love for food on my upbringing. Growing up, my father was a chef who worked at such incredible restaurants like Salty's, Ray's Boathouse, and Beaches, and I was kind of spoiled with delicious food. Of course like any kid, I totally didn't appreciate how good I had it, and refused to try interesting things (any kind of seafood, peppers, mushrooms, hot dogs, chorizo, or avocado were immediate "no"s for me!) Then as I left for college here at BYU, I began to slowly realize (with great help from the Cannon Center) how important food was to me. It is incredible the difference a good meal can make on your day, and it's true -- you are what you eat!

I am not professionally trained, and the only education I've received on food was an Introduction to Cooking class at BYU. But thanks to my upbringing and opportunities I've had to experience different restaurants with the critical taste of my family, I feel like I have developed a pretty dependable understanding of what food tastes good and what food is not worth the bill.

My father passed away in 2010 from lung cancer, and like any child who has lost a parent, I began searching for ways to stay connected to my dad. Great food was something my family always enjoyed together, and part of the reason I decided to start this website was to share with everyone the joy that can come from a fantastic meal. I feel like too many of us get stuck in the same route of going to the "reliable" places, the places where we're comfortable and we know we won't be disappointed. But there are so many great restaurants out there to explore, so I want to share the taste for great food I have developed from my father with all of you, and give you the secrets of where you can find hidden treasures right here in our own backyard.

"One of the very nicest things about life is the way that we must regularly stop whatever it is that we are doing and devote our attention to eating." - Luciano Pavarotti

If you have any questions, or want to contact me, please feel free to email me at 


And just for fun, here is a list of our current favorites in Utah (updated regularly)!

Favorite Bakery: Les Madeleines Patisserie

Favorite Barbecue: The Smoking Apple

Favorite Breakfast: Joe's Cafe & Penny Ann's Cafe

Favorite Burgers: Lucky 13

Favorite BYU Campus Spot: Pendulum Court

Favorite Chinese: Wild Ginger

Favorite Desserts: Ruby Snap

Favorite Greek: Eva

Favorite Healthy: Aubergine & Company

Favorite Hot Dog: J Dawgs

Favorite Indian: Bombay House

Favorite Italian: Brio

Favorite Mexican: Lone Star Taqueria and Red Iguana

Favorite Pizza: Settebello and Terra Mia

Favorite Sandwiches: Cubby's

Favorite Sushi: Asahi

Favorite Wings: Nicolitalia's

My family is coming to Provo -- where should I take them? Black Sheep Cafe

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  1. Thanks for your blog and that is a wonderful tribute to your father. Keep posting, love your site. Don't get down to that neck of the woods often as I would like but now I know where to go when I do.




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