Friday, July 10, 2015


Where: Delicatus, 103 1st Avenue S, Seattle

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 3

What We Ordered: BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Pavo Diablo

What It Cost: ~$20

What We Thought: 

Everyone's gotta have their go-to lunch place, right? I used to have this aversion to becoming a "regular" anywhere, because I watched too much Monk and knew that if I was a regular somewhere, the murderers would know where to find me. 

Paranoid, much?

Well, Delicatus may be the first place where the awesome flavors, friendly service, fresh tastes, and just DANG GOOD sandwiches will make me overcome that murder/restaurant regular fear.

I've only been to Seattle for two weekends so far, and we've eaten here three times...

Delicatus has the most amazing sandwich menu - I've never seen so many sandwich creations!! It's definitely inspired me to be more creative at home. The ingredients are super fresh - great bread, amazing cuts of meat, and inspired toppings. Man. I wish I was having this for lunch today. The bread and topping matches are all thoughtfully combined, each sandwich having the perfect balance of flavor and texture variation. It sounds silly to keep going on and on about a little sandwich, but we just really loved them!

The Pavo Diablo is my favorite -- loads of fresh turkey and spinach with sliced avocado, harvarti, spicy chipotle aioloi, roasted peppers on sourdough bread. Come on. Tell me you're not salivating right now. It's amazing, the flavors meld perfectly, and I could eat it every day. The Gypsy Rose Lee sandwich is also a personal favorite, with some of the best mozzarella I've had in a while.

Fresh, creative, fantastic sandwiches.

What You Should Do: Take your next lunch meeting here. It can get a little busy, but if you go a little early or late, no problem. And say hi to us while you're there ;)
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