Friday, June 12, 2015


Where: Park Cafe, 604 E 1300 S, Salt Lake City

Who Went: Chelsey & Devynne

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Migas Special, Michigan Hash

What It Cost: 18.95

What We Thought:

Park Cafe is one of those "buzzy spots" according to my phone (I love how my phone sounds like a grandpa sometimes...) that everyone seems to be talking about, a place to see and be seen. So, obviously, I needed to see. 

We went on a Monday morning at 10, which felt like a random day and time, but it was definitely hopping already. Luckily we were seated quickly, but I could see how this place would get packed in no time. The place is decorated in your typical hipster fare (I secretly loved the stickers on the condiments), and had a pretty decent selection of options for breakfast. I ordered the breakfast special - some Mexican migas (mmmm), and my sister got the Michigan hash.

This place would definitely be a good place to go for brunch - the dishes were hearty and portion sizes generous (seriously - four pieces of toast??) Our favorite part was the homemade jam at each table - it was totally good, and I kept wanting to sneakily steal other flavors from the other tables...

My migas were pretty good, though definitely not the best I've ever had. They were a little dry, but the really great salsa helped with that. Normally migas has corn tortilla chips cooked inside with the eggs, so I thought it was a little weird that they served it with corn tortillas, and it could have used some sour cream maybe? Overall, it was a dish I would eat again, but maybe not one I would order again.

Devynne's Michigan hash had high and low points as well - the sausage and eggs and cheese were all good. We actually liked the way their potatoes were cooked too - they seemed crumbly at first, but were quite delicious to eat that way. The only thing that had me like "really??" was the use of only green peppers - blech. We all know those are the worst bell peppers, and my sister is still on the fence about bell peppers, so I would have liked to see a mix at least with some red. And the bread just tasted like white bread, not sourdough. 

What You Should Do: It's a fun place to meet with friends, and I bet it would be super nice to sit outside on the patio in the summer. If it's a nice day and you've got lots of spare time, you could give it a try for brunch. I'm always sad at the paucity of weekend brunch places around here, so this one's decent.
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