Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey! Father's Day is next weekend! And if you forgot to get a gift (dads are THE HARDEST to shop for! They are always so selfless and don't want anything!), and don't want to be a schmuck, treat Dad out to a dinner as a thank you for teaching you knife skills and how to change the oil on the car. 

And cherish your dad. You don't know how long he'll be around for. 

This place is the bomb, and the giant, ultra satisfying sandwiches are even decent on the budget. Dare him to the get the extra spicy :)

Okay, this one is definitely a stereotype, but if your dad is into sports, this is my favorite Utah County place to go. There are so many screens filled with so many sports (even tennis, yay!) and it’s a lot of fun to try a bunch of different wing flavors! Skip any of the sides or appetizers - the wings are really the main attraction here. The best flavors (in my opinion) are Salt & Vinegar (sounds weird, but you gotta try it), Jammin' Jalapeño, and Asian Zing.

If your dad's into barbecue, then you can't go wrong with The Smoking Apple. Their meats are always super juicy and flavorful, they don't run out of stuff as frequently as (ahem) other BBQ places do, and their sides are the bomb. My two favorites are the cornbread and the baked beans, but you really can't go wrong here!

Pupusas = life. That's all. Oh, and everything else here they have is amazing.

If you're taking Dad out for lunch, these sandwiches are sure to satisfy, and are definitely a treat!

And of course, Joe's Café is the most excellent choice for ALL occasions -- hopefully it won't be closed, and you can treat Dad to the most incredible breakfast in his life. Trust me, this is far above those banana pancakes you were planning to bring him in bed…

Me & my dad - can you tell we're related?


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