Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Who's Chelsey?

scary Hawaii beach hair, giant burger, and everything

Hey, it's me!

As I'm sure you'll notice, there's been a bit of identity change over here, and I want to welcome you all to my new site, Chelsey Eats!

Yes it looks the same. But I've got to ask you - have you ever wondered why I am still in college after five years…? Confession time: I'm in graduate school. At the University of Utah (I know!) I still live in Provo (and love to cheer for our ever-disappointing teams at BYU!!!), but my time in my program is swiftly coming to an end (HALLELUJAH!!) I have to admit, I was pretty sad to think about leaving the blogging world behind when I announced here that I am going to be moving in December. And I've always wanted to bring a bit more of me into the blog, so here we are!

Not only do I love eating out at restaurants and giving you all the insight here (like, really love it), but I also love traveling, trying new recipes, and sharing good food with people I love. So, look forward to some fresh new content (coming soon…this afternoon!)  in addition to the good ol' restaurant reviews, and I hope you like the change! 

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