Friday, May 15, 2015


Where: The Mousetrap Food Truck, Various

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: Many...

What We Ordered: Nicolas Cage, Dave's Spicy Crack, the Odd Father, and more

What It Cost: $16

What We Thought:

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since its been so long since I've posted, I kind of have forgotten how there are some true gems that I have now visited several times without informing you all! You probably are sick of these places already if you follow me on Instagram, but for those of you social media-savvy, I just HAVE to tell you about this one. 

When I eventually leave the warm embrace of Utah County, this blessed food truck is on the top 3 list of places I will miss. Do you think I could convince them to move with me? If you're reading this, please comment below (I'm planning on going to Seattle, if that helps...?)

The first time we tried this place, we were instantly hooked. In fact, we were so obsessed, that we actually kind of stalked them the next was awkward.

The above sandwich is my personal favorite - Dave's Spicy Crack. First off, the name. It's just hilarious. This sandwich is loaded with pepper jack, sriracha sauce, spicy chicken, tomatoes and jalapeño chips. I was one of those kids who always put plain potato chips inside of their sandwich, to add some crunch, so this obviously was right up my alley. The bread, so good. The spicy factor, divine. The whole thing, a revelation.

The Odd Father, above, is Owen's favorite. Grilled chicken again, with sautéed onions, harvarti cheese, goat cheese, spring mix and a balsamic glaze. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS THING. Yeah, its a little messy, but heck, you're eating outside, so no one's going to judge. Man. I wish I was eating this right now. Crispy, crunch, gooey and amazing.

The Nicolas Cage also deserves an honorable mention. This clever concoction pairs pulled pork with sharp cheddar, green apple, spring mix, and a brown sugar glaze. For those of you who like sweet + salty + tart all in one, you HAVE to try this one. Well, actually, even if you don't like that combination particularly, you should probably try it anyway, and have your mind changed. Its so dang delicious. 

What You Should Do: Become stalkers like us. Track this truck, and enjoy. Repeat. Several times. If it's Friday when you're reading this, they are probably at the Scera Food Truck Roundup in Orem, so now you have a head start. 


  1. I can't even tell you how badly I want to try that first sandwich.

  2. I know Seattle has A TON of food trucks. I'm sure you'll be able to find one similar (if not better)!

    1. That is true - I can't wait to discover them all!

  3. I have followed your tasty blog for a long time. I am happy and sad that you are leaving. Good luck on your next adventure!


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