Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Where: Zub's, 684 N Freedom Blvd, Provo

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 2 (.5)

What We Ordered: New York Sandwich, Greek Pizza, Apple Pie Pizza

What It Cost: $13.99 (for two entrees)

What We Thought: 

FRESH BREAD. One of the best smells in the world, isn't it? Zub's, which started out in Springville, has decided to open another location in Provo in what I sometimes refer to as the "doomsday stretch" of restaurants along Freedom Blvd (I swear restaurants are in and out of there ALL the time). They've taken over Shirley's Bakery, but still bake up something delicious -- fresh bread and pizza dough from scratch that is seriously divine. 

The original Zub's location in Springville is a take-out only, with no restaurant seating. They kind of did the opposite here at the Provo location - it almost feels like there is too much seating, especially when they aren't very busy. It can feel a little awkward. But honestly, I am a little surprised that this place isn't more busy yet....

We first ordered the New Yorker sandwich, and immediately, the bread to meat ratio made me scratch my head. It sure looked like a lot of bread for a puny amount of filling. But when you bite into that ultra fluffy bread with a slightly crisp exterior, you get it. At Zub's, they do subs right. I had my doubts, but when I stole a couple of bites from Owen's reuben-esque sandwich, I found I couldn't stop myself. And I don't even like reubens! But the bread is just sooooo good, and the fillings are fresh and flavorful, and really, this may be one of the best sandwiches I've ever had!

Next, my Greek pizza. Same story here. Ultra delicious, homemade crust that is wayyy better than any homemade I've ever made...Fresh, light toppings full of flavor and deliciousness. The pizza was a good size for one person - I ate three pieces and felt pretty full, and you know I always love taking one home for lunch the next day :) When I saw that the Springville location was so highly rated on Urbanspoon, I was a little confused about what could be so great about pizza and subs. But this place really does live up to the hype, my friends. 

NOW - my only problem. When I was reading the menu and reviews for the Springville site, my heart skipped a beat when I read about the apple pie pizza (pictured above). Owen is an apple pie fanatic, and I am always a sucker for a dessert pizza, so I knew we HAD to try it. But guess what? They only have it at the Springville site!! I was SO MAD! We obviously went to the Springville store and ordered one to go, so I could see if it was truly worth making a big deal of, and um yeah. It is. This apple pie pizza is seriously scrumptious. And I don't get why they don't make it at the Provo store?!

What You Should Do: My only reservation from giving this the full-fledged four-star review is that dang apple pie pizza. Add it the Provo menu, and I'm all-in. But nonetheless, Zub's proved to be a great little spot with killer sub sandwiches and pizzas. We tried the taco pizza and turkey/avocado sub on another trip, and they were equally delicious!
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