Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Where: Settebello, 260 S 200 W, Salt Lake City

Who Went: Chelsey, Owen and Aaron

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Involtini di Prosciutto, Settebello Pizza, Vico Pizza, and Pizza Special 

What It Cost: ~$50

What We Thought: 

People, people, people. 

THIS PLACE is what it is all about.

Pizza like it should be. Its seriously so good. Well unless you don't like thin, authentic-style Italian pizza which I won't judge you for of course. But I will probably feel very sad for you, because this stuff is so wonderful and amazing. 

We started with a little appetizer, with goat cheese, prosciutto, a reduced balsamic dressing, and microgreens. It was pretty good, served on a cute little wood block which was adorable, and altogether a nice way to start the meal off...but really not the most important thing here...let's get to the pizza.

The crust is so chewy and good, and the ingredients are all fresh and so flavorful -- I could eat this pizza every day. I know, I know, its in Salt Lake, and you will all cry at me that its so far away, but seriously, its so worth the drive. My pizza, seen above, had super tasty sausage, fennel, red onion and fresh basil. A warning -- it doesn't have sauce. Heathens, I know. But trust me, you won't miss it with all this goodness going on.

This pizza was the special of the day -- can't remember everything on it, except lots of cheese, some parsley, a spicy oil, very peppery meat, and a fried egg on top! If you haven't had a pizza with a fried egg on it my friends, you are missing out on something truly special.

Owen ordered the restaurant's namesake pizza, with pancetta, sausage, roasted mushrooms, and toasted pine nuts. If you're into a more traditional tasting pizza, this one would be an excellent choice, with a crushed tomato base and sensational toppings. Its really hard to rave about pizza, since its like already the perfect food. But somehow, Settebello really manages to take it the next level in a way you'll be thinking about for weeks after. 

What You Should Do: Drop all other pizza commitments and try Settebello next! If you love that authentic Italian pizza taste, I have it on good authority (former missionaries from Italy and Italians themselves) that this place is the most legitimate Italian pizza in the state, and besides that, its just amazing. And I wish I was eating it. Right now.
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