Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Where: Settebello, 260 S 200 W, Salt Lake City

Who Went: Chelsey, Owen and Aaron

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Involtini di Prosciutto, Settebello Pizza, Vico Pizza, and Pizza Special 

What It Cost: ~$50

What We Thought: 

People, people, people. 

THIS PLACE is what it is all about.

Pizza like it should be. Its seriously so good. Well unless you don't like thin, authentic-style Italian pizza which I won't judge you for of course. But I will probably feel very sad for you, because this stuff is so wonderful and amazing. 

We started with a little appetizer, with goat cheese, prosciutto, a reduced balsamic dressing, and microgreens. It was pretty good, served on a cute little wood block which was adorable, and altogether a nice way to start the meal off...but really not the most important thing here...let's get to the pizza.

The crust is so chewy and good, and the ingredients are all fresh and so flavorful -- I could eat this pizza every day. I know, I know, its in Salt Lake, and you will all cry at me that its so far away, but seriously, its so worth the drive. My pizza, seen above, had super tasty sausage, fennel, red onion and fresh basil. A warning -- it doesn't have sauce. Heathens, I know. But trust me, you won't miss it with all this goodness going on.

This pizza was the special of the day -- can't remember everything on it, except lots of cheese, some parsley, a spicy oil, very peppery meat, and a fried egg on top! If you haven't had a pizza with a fried egg on it my friends, you are missing out on something truly special.

Owen ordered the restaurant's namesake pizza, with pancetta, sausage, roasted mushrooms, and toasted pine nuts. If you're into a more traditional tasting pizza, this one would be an excellent choice, with a crushed tomato base and sensational toppings. Its really hard to rave about pizza, since its like already the perfect food. But somehow, Settebello really manages to take it the next level in a way you'll be thinking about for weeks after. 

What You Should Do: Drop all other pizza commitments and try Settebello next! If you love that authentic Italian pizza taste, I have it on good authority (former missionaries from Italy and Italians themselves) that this place is the most legitimate Italian pizza in the state, and besides that, its just amazing. And I wish I was eating it. Right now.
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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Where: 180 Street Tacos & Chopped Salads (phew! Long name!), 3368 N University Ave, Provo

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 2

What We Ordered: 4 Tacos -- Buffalo Chicken, Thai Fried Chicken, Steak Asada & Mojo Roasted Pork, plus Chimichurri Mac & Cheese

What It Cost: $11.24

What We Thought:

Crazy tacos with unheard-of flavor combinations -- yeah, count us in! 

When this place first opened, I was a little hesitant because the sign looked pretty temporary out front, and the name seemed long and annoying (I make quick judgments, okay?). But after hearing about it from a few people and scoping out their menu online, I decided a visit must be made! Of course it was made as a very last-minute decision so I only had my phone to take pictures on, not my real camera...I apologize, but this place was pretty good, so I figured I needed to share anyway! 

Okay -- let's start with my tacos. I'm a little annoying and a show-off, so obviously I wanted to order the spiciest taco on the menu to see if I could handle it. The Thai Fried Chicken taco was the only one with two chili peppers by its title, so naturally, I ordered it. The chicken had good flavor, and I really liked the fruity-cucumber slaw which totally counteracted the hotness and made it very bearable for those looking for some heat. We were a little disappointed with the tortillas over all -- these tacos only have one tortilla (many street taco places I've visited usually use two, for good reason...) and the tortillas broke on nearly all of our tacos, causing fillings to fall out. Not a huge tragedy of course, but I'd recommend picking up a fork because you might be eating the remains of your taco more in salad-style.

Owen got the Mojo Pork and Carne Asada -- he prefered the carne asada, with its crispy strips and flavorful meat, though I actually liked the pork one better! So, I guess they are both good :) Same problem with the tortillas though. Use caution!

I ordered the chimichurri mac and cheese because it sounded weird and I'd never had anything like it before. I liked the wonton strips and chimichurri flavor added it -- it was a good combo. But the mac was a little dry and not very warm, kinda like you had heated it up 15 minutes before and then had to take a phone call or something. Would prefer saucier and warmer mac and cheese, please.

This horrendous picture doesn't really look like anything...but surprise -- its the buffalo chicken taco! Yeah, never thought I'd put those words together. But it was yummy! They pickled mirepoix (chopped celery, carrots and onion) added a nice crunch to the slightly spicy chicken, and I was a huge fan of the corn. Owen thought the taco was kinda weird, but I really enjoyed it, so I guess if you like weirdness, then this is the place for you (and me :)

What You Should Do: I would definitely say this place is worth a visit or two. Its super cheap (as tacos should be :) and they have something fun and creative that will definitely interest most palates. If they would start wrapping these tasty little morsels in two tortillas, I would be soooo close to giving them four stars because they are really fun and a good value, but for now, its still an awesome place to visit, and we will probably be stopping by there another when I don't feel like cooking!
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Friday, December 6, 2013


A little while ago, we had a chance to hang out with the awesome people from Chex! Yes, the Chex cereal that you know and love, especially me! I've always loved making my own Chex Mix from scratch, especially for road trips and when I'm hanging out with family. So when Chex asked if I wanted to come to their special Chex Party Mix event at Fashion Place Mall, I obviously had to join! 

Here was their promotion for the event --

From work potluck lunches and holiday cocktail parties, to gifts for
neighbors, friends and colleagues, there are endless occasions during 
the holidays where tasty treats come in handy. Chex® Party Mix recipes 
offer the perfect quick, easy and delicious snack. And with a wide variety 
of flavors, including sweet, savory and salty, there’s a recipe to satisfy 
every palate preference. All you need is Chex® cereal, ingenious ingredient 
combinations and only 15 minutes in the microwave.

the party station
So we got to make three types of Chex Party Mix at the event, and this little statement above was SO TRUE -- all of the mixes were SUPER easy to make (maybe only took 10 minutes, not even 15!), and were SUPER TASTY! We made three kinds -- sugar cookie, Mexican hot chocolate, and pumpkin spice. The sugar cookie one was definitely my favorite, and it's even gluten-free, if you're into that :) These would be such a fun addition to any party or event, and its super low-stress since they are so simple to make. Someone even suggested, since there are recipes online for cookie-related Chex mixes like sugar cookie, caramel cookie crunch, and chocolate macaroon, that it would be fun to have a Chex Party Mix swap instead of a traditional holiday cookie exchange! I thought this would be a fantastic idea, and it would even be easier to make a great batch of Chex Mix than baking all of those cookies! 

Can you guys tell how excited I was to make this? 
Because I was pretty excited!!!!!!!

They even had a little wrapping station, so we could take the mixes we made, wrap them up, and then give them out to friends and family. It was awesome. I came home with like 50. It was such a quick and tasty gift, I couldn't refuse! So much easier than trying to deal with plastic wrap and paper plates for traditional holiday treats :)

So I don't really do this often, but this is a sponsored post. But I only chose to do a sponsored post with Chex Party Mix because I really do love the idea, and think that it is delicious! I hope you get a chance to bring a crazy Chex mix to a holiday party this season, because they really are so easy and tasty. Their website (click here) has SO many different recipes, including Cinnamon Cider, Apple Pie, Popcorn-Pretzel Chunk, Caramel Chocolate, Ranch, Black Forest, Cornbread, Red Velvet, Peach Cobbler, and Tiramisu! I'm super partial to the savory Chex mixes, so I think I want to try their Buffalo Chex Mix recipe next!! 

I really think you should try this out, so I included the recipe here for the one that I made -- the Sugar Cookie Chex Mix. It really couldn't be easier, and I bet you already have most of the ingredients! Recipe courtesy of Chex Party Mix of course. 

Life's not complete until you've swam in a giant bowl of Chex Mix!!
Thanks to Chex Mix and all of the other bloggers at this fun event! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season :) 
Some photos courtesy of event photographer, all others my own


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