Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Where: Mimi's Cafe, 304 E University Parkway, Orem

Who Went: Chelsey & Abby

Number of Visits: 1 (maybe 2?)

What We Ordered: Cinnamon Brioche French Toast & Spinach and Bacon Eggs Benedict

What It Cost: $22.43

What We Thought:

I wanted to take my sister-in-law out to lunch after having her over for a weekend sleepover, so naturally my first inclination was to take her to the amazing and wonderful Joe's. Sadly, it was a Monday or a holiday (can't remember which), so Joe's was closed and we had to settle for something less amazing. She had already been to Kneader's a bunch of times and wasn't interested in Magleby's, so I thought we should give Mimi's Cafe a try, since I've heard people like their breakfast. 

Luckily for us, it was pretty dead, so we were able to get a seat rather quickly and place our order. The service was fine - not overly friendly but not super slow, and it has kind of an interesting atmosphere. I think they claim to be "a taste of France," and try to have a French-like atmosphere, but the restaurant was established 35 years ago, and I have to say (since I just came back from France, and feel a little less clueless), it is not really the type of bistro atmosphere you find across the Atlantic these days. Nonetheless, it was kind of quaint and they tried to make it pretty cozy even though it was quite a large restaurant. 

Abby ordered probably the best-looking thing on the menu, which was their cinnamon brioche French Toast. It came with two huge eggs - weirdly larger than the French Toast, and also sausage. The bread was nice and cinnamon-y, but was it amazing? Would I go here just for that? Probably not. It was probably a 6.5 out of 10 on French Toast, but I've had some pretty amazing French Toast in my life, so maybe I'm too critical of a judge.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict, because if there is anything I have learned from watching all of those episodes of Master Chef, it's that you can tell if someone really knows how to cook if they can properly poach an egg. And if you're putting Eggs Benedict on your menu (more than one variety, even), then your eggs better be masterful, Hollandaise perfect, and the whole thing cohesively delicious.

I don't even have to explain the disappointment when I cut into this instead. Way overcooked! There was no egg oozing, no delicious yolk to slather my English muffin in, no nothing. Super disappointing. I probably could have been appeased if there was at least hearty meat to accompany it, but the bacon was translucent, and it really just didn't do it for me. Mostly, THE EGG! Come on! It should be the star of the show! (I'm starting to sound like Gordon Ramsey...)

What You Should Do: Definitely hit up Joe's or Kneaders instead. The atmosphere is kind of fun and different, and they won't rush you through the meal, but for the high ticket price and lackluster food, you can definitely find better breakfast options elsewhere in Utah County.

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