Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Where: Taco Bell, many locations

Who Went: Chelsey, Owen & Devynne

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Cool Ranch Doritos Taco

What It Cost: Like $2?

What We Thought:

I've really not been the biggest fan of Taco Bell for most of my life (too many post-chalupa stomachaches after tennis matches...), but I had to try their newest concoction - the taco that is made with Doritos for the shell. Sounds amazing, right? I was disappointed when the first one they came out with was the classic nacho cheese flavor -- everyone knows Cool Ranch is the BEST. So obviously when Cool Ranch come on the block, I had to try it. Yeah, the Taco Bell meat is still gross, the lettuce still horribly pale, the cheese still plasticy, and sadly there was nothing an awesome giant Dorito could do about it.

What You Should Do: Pretend this never happened, and don't get sucked into the wonderful marketing and dreams of what could have been. It's still Taco Bell and it's still gross.


  1. What needs to happen is some amazing Mexican restaurant needs to adopt the Doritos taco idea. Imagine like, a Cafe Rio Dorito taco. Now we're talkin.

  2. I disagree. Taco Bell meat isn't as bad as many people say it is. Recently, in one place, a blind test was conducted between Taco Bell and a highly rated local Mexican restaurant's meat. When testers were told one meat was the other, the results interestingly enough showed them preferring Taco Bell. The moral here: Don't let silly high school chitter chatter about this or that fast food joint cause expectation bias. It's much more subconsciously in effect than you'd think.



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