Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Suki Hana

Where: Suki Hana, 28 S State Street, Salt Lake City

Who Went: Chelsey

Number of Visits: 1

What I Ordered: Chicken Teriyaki with Noodles

What It Cost: $5.25

What I Thought:

Where I'm from, Asian restaurants serving pho and teriyaki are as prevalent as Mexican restaurants are here. So every now and then I get a serioussss craving for some salty, sticky, saucy teriyaki that must be filled! Since City Creek is a popular destination for me and all my shopping, I decided to give Suki Hana a try at the City Creek food court.

I am sorry people, but this is some sad teriyaki. The noodles were obviously prepared hours ago and were slightly cold and oily. And the chicken, though it did satisfy my craving, was definitely nowhere near the best teriyaki I've ever had. It was drowning in too much sauce and felt soggy. There was enough salt and MSG in the dish to make it palatable, but I don't think I'll go here next time I get the teriyaki urge.

What You Should Do: The City Creek food court has lots of different options, and in the future, I'd probably recommend avoiding this one. Though inexpensive, the food was not very good quality, the teriyaki was very sad, and the noodles were too oily and tepid to be enjoyed. Check out Taste of the Red Iguana instead!
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