Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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Where: Cannella's, 204 E 500 S, Salt Lake City

Who Went: Chelsey & Mom

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Lunch Special Sandwich with Side Salad, Bruschetta 

What It Cost: $16.75

What We Thought:

I normally hate basically every Italian restaurant I ever eat at (why do I keep going to Italian restaurants??), but a quick visit to Cannella's has given me hope for family-owned Italian joints in the future! 

I stopped by here for a quick lunch after picking up my Mom from the airport - we were planning on having an early dinner but didn't want to be starving before then so we tried to eat light (though it still ended up being quite filling!). We ordered the turkey cranberry sandwich, which came with a starter salad. The salad was interesting - it had cucumbers, pepperoncinis, chickpeas, thickly shredded mozzarella, beets, and a creamy dressing. It wouldn't really be my first choice of ingredients for a salad, but it worked for us, and I was so hungry that it tasted good anyway!

I love bruschetta, so I was delighted when we were served these pretty little bites! The crostini were nice and hearty, the basil was sliced just right, and I loved the pretty little swirls of goat cheese. I was glad that they chose to use a balsamic reduction on top of the bruschetta of straight balsamic vinegar - it gave it a little more body and a more subtle flavor.

We had ordered the turkey cranberry sandwich, and unfortunately they put in our order incorrectly and we ended up with the club sandwich, which was the special of the day. Also unfortunately, we didn't realize this until halfway through eating the sandwich, so it felt a little late to ask for the other one. Fortunately however, we didn't even think about it, because the sandwich was so good!! Cannella's make all of their best fresh on site, and it was so thick and fresh and delicious. There was a huge pile of turkey, perfectly crispy bacon, and smeared avocado, that all came together in one exceptionally tasty sandwich!

What You Should Do: Though we didn't order anything that was super Italian, Cannella's has restored some of my faith in the potential for Italian restaurant food done right. I definitely am adding it to my list of places to when I crave an Italian dinner, and I would recommend you do so too! And if you happen to be nearby at the library or something, they make an incredibly enjoyable lunch too.
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  1. I love Cannellas! Definitely one of the best italian places in SLC!

    1. We just went there again for dinner, and it was still pretty good! Look forward to an update post soon :)



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