Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Marley's Gourmet Sliders

Where: Marley's Gourmet Sliders, 4801 N University Avenue, Suite 860

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 1.5

What We Ordered: Bacon JalapeƱo Burger Slider, Chicken Avocado Slider, Onion Rings

What It Cost: $6/person

What We Thought:

These little mini-burgers seemed to have popped into popularity out of nowhere lately! It's a clever idea I suppose - make the burgers smaller so you feel less guilty about eating them, and then you end up eating even more! Plus everything that is mini-sized is by default cuter, and what could be cuter than itty bitty burger? Well I'm not sure if Marley's is going for the "cute" angle, with their biker-themed decor and everything, but we decided to give them a try anyway. 

I think Marley's is one of those restaurants that some people love and others will hate. If you like a large, fluffy bun to be the star of your burger, then you should give Marley's a try. For me, the bun is not very important, and only is there to keep all the juicy goodness together. I thought the thick rolls that are used as buns here were much too large, especially compared to the thin patty you can see inside. The bun overpowered all burger flavor, and if I was in a burger mood, it wouldn't really satisfy the craving.

Their onion rings were sliced nice and thick, which I enjoyed. It has a nice and flavorful coating, and they were pretty good overall. My only complaint is that they cooled off really quickly, and did not taste very good once cold (they got pretty soggy). The fry sauce was about what you'd expect - nothing too different here.

The chicken slider was actually my surprise favorite. I felt like there was more meat on this sandwich, and the avocado spread helped moisten up the thick bun. The chicken was nicely charred which gave it some good flavor, and overall I thought it was pretty good.

What You Should Do: As far as burgers go, Marley's isn't really one of my favorites in Utah County. The idea of sliders could be good, but overall I thought the buns were too thick and the patties too thin. When you order enough food that would be the equivalent of a regular burger, it ends up being pretty pricey too. One thing that Marley's has going for it is the great variety on the menu - lots of different burger flavors, in addition to chicken, turkey, and breakfast options. If you are the type of person who can never decide what type of burger you want to order, and you like thick buns, then Marley's would be a good choice for you.
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  1. Have to say I have the complete opposite opinion on Marley's. We just eat one slider & a side & it's a perfect portion for us. While the burger patties could be thicker, I love them and think the fry sauce has a kick to it that most don't, & have never had my onion rings get soggy or cold. We love the shoestring fries - have you had those? And the side salads are good, too. The pulled turkey sandwiches are really good & having the option to have all sorts of fillings in the middle of the buns is fantastic!



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