Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joe's Cafe

Where: Joe's Cafe, 1126 S State Street, Orem

Who Went: Chelsey, Owen, Grandma, Mom, Devynne, & Garrett (my cousin)

Number of Visits: 2

What We Ordered: Pancake Combo (3 Pancakes, 2 eggs, and bacon or sausage), French Toast, French Toast with Fruit Topping, Western Omelet, Joe's Omelet with Grits, Biscuits & Gravy, Steak & Eggs with Hash Browns, Orange Juice & Chocolate Milk

What It Cost: $13.22 for two people

What We Thought:

There are just two words that can most accurately describe the amazing food which can be found at Joe's Cafe:


I've never really been a huge breakfast fan...until now. What I thought were pancakes don't even hold a candle to what you can get here. See that huge plate of silver dollar pancakes above? Yeah, that was what came with our order of "three pancakes." I have absolutely no idea how that enormous platter qualifies as "three pancakes," and honestly, I couldn't care one bit. And these aren't just pancakes. They are literally little bites of heaven. They are more like little freshly fried doughnuts, soft and pillowy with oh-so-much butter. I've never had anything like it. And I never want to eat any other kind of pancakes ever again. Seriously, this pancakes will change your life.

The other dishes here at Joe's Cafe were also delicious - perfect French toast, with more than enough to keep you full until dinnertime. Not only is the food amazing at Joe's Cafe, but you couldn't ask for a more fun and friendly environment. When we went on a Thursday morning, Joe was the only one there, running the whole show. He makes you feel welcome with the kind of hospitality that only a true Southerner can provide. When I placed our order and got ready to pay, he said, "Nope - you aren't going to pay me until you are fully satisfied with your food!" By the end of our meal, we were begging to pay him!

I was feeling a little adventurous, so I went with the steak and eggs. Incredible. Eggs were perfectly good, and the steak was deliciously seasoned and just the right amount of pink. The hash browns were good but not life-changing...if I were to get this again, I'd definitely go for the grits.

Which we got with the omelets! Now these are no sissy omelets - they are stuffed to the brim with rich and flavorful ingredients, and could easily fill two people. And if they weren't delicious enough, they come with a side of either hash browns or grits, and I would definitely recommend the grits! Now, normally we've only ever had savory grits, usually with some salt and a little cheese or something. But apparently the demand for sweetness in Utah reigned supreme, and Joe now serves his grits sweet. They are like a creamier, smoother version of oatmeal with just the right amount of brown sugar and slow-cooked to perfection. There was a lady in there who told me she comes in at least once a week, just to order Joe's grits. I don't blame her! Definitely the best grits I've ever had. Ever.

In addition to not being the biggest grits fan (before this meal, obviously), I also used to hate biscuits and gravy. They just seemed so fatty and gross that I was never really interested.

Times have changed my friends.

All thanks to this little dish above. Wow. I never knew biscuits and gravy could be so gratifying. There is so much spicy and savory sausage in the gravy, plenty of pepper, at least a whole stick of butter, and some of the most tasty biscuits I've ever had in this little ceramic boat of goodness. Of all the dishes we had here, I would say that the biscuits and gravy surpassed my expectations the most. And I wish certainly be having them again!

Here's the side of meat and eggs - Joe was feeling extra friendly so he gave us both the sausage and bacon. This my friends is real bacon - thickly sliced, seasoned with just tasted more...bacon-y. Like bacon on steroids. So so so good.

And if you'd believe it, there is some French Toast under there too. There is nothing skimpy or light about these meals - just delicious Southern cooking with all the butter you ever could want. Rich, scrumptious, filling, flavorful, and unique. I really don't know if I could ever eat breakfast somewhere else again.

What You Should Do: Skip the pathetic plates served at Denny's and IHOP, and get yourself down to Joe's Cafe right now! This is without a doubt the best breakfast served in Utah, and it's served with a smile and soul music. Joe also does lunch, which I am sure is equally amazing - you can order either breakfast or lunch items at any time when he's open. I've never met anyone who hasn't had an incredible experience here, and you'll wonder how it's remained such a secret for so long! Go Go GO!

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  1. Amen. Every time I go to Joe's it is exactly what you are describing... and I have been there a ton.

    1. I'm glad you like it too! I can't wait to try it for lunch!



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