Friday, April 6, 2012

Restaurant Update: Diego's

Sometimes I look back at some of the restaurant we've been to and I wonder if they've changed. Many of the restaurants on here we've only visited once or twice a few years ago, so I want to know if my viewpoints on their food and service are still accurate. For this reason, I will occasionally post "Restaurant Update" posts like this one, where we will head back to a place we haven't been a while and see if anything is different.

The first of these will look at Diego's Taco Shop, which somehow is a Provo favorite, despite the horrible experience we had.

Owen got Diego's for lunch the other day, just to see if our terrible memories of the place still are applicable. And I am sorry to inform you that they completely are. Owen got a chicken burrito, which seemed simple enough. Here was what he had to say to me in a Gmail chat that day after partaking of it:

4:54 PM 
Owen: Possibly the worst burrito of my life
  if you can call it a burrito
  all it was was slimy chicken and cheese in a tortilla
  there was one chunk of tomato in it though
  I took a picture of it
4:55 PM I was hoping for some kind of salsa or sauce
  or something other thank chicken and cheese
  I guess if you like just chicken and cheese in a tortilla, it's the perfect burrito for you

There it is, the one sad little tomato that existed in his entire burrito. The whole burrito was bland, unvaried, and overall disappointing. The only good news is that our first review of this taco shop still holds true, and we would recommend to avoid this place like a plague of undesirable Mexican food.


  1. Not to mention that the guy who owns "Diegos" is definitely not a "people person". I don't go there because of their stingy salsa policy, but because the owner comes off strongly as not really even liking customers. In the wrong business? I think so.

  2. I went to Diego's today and had probably the worst experience i have ever had in a restaurant. To start, they were out of beans, but didn't tell us from the get go. That being said, my wife's combo meal only came with rice, and my bean and cheese burrito, was a rice and cheese burrito. My wife ate a chili that absolutely destroyed her, so I went to the counter (hadn't complained about the bean issue) and ordered her a horchata. I didn't see the sign that said no charges under 5$. The owner flipped out and told me that for every charge under 5$ he had to pay. I said "ok...can I order a side of beans with the horchata then?". He was extremely angry that I would ask this when he knew we didn't have beans- besides, he said "we reduced the price since we were out of beans". The guy at the register told him that he hadn't reduced the price, instead they gave us extra helpings of rice. "Ok, well you got extra rice then." said the owner. I asked if I could give the rice back, and just get my $. Then the owner flipped out and accused me of being drunk and high (both of which I wasn't) and told me that he could get me kicked out. I asked him if he would like to step outside and talk about this politely, and he refused. I told him that was the last time I would be coming there, and he said he had been running his restaurant for 22 years and that I couldn't ruin him. I turned around and walked away to eat my rice and cheese burrito with my family, and he came out from behind the counter, up to the table and asked what was wrong with my attitude? I tried to calmly get a few words in but he wouldn't have it. he yelled "NO ONE treats me like that." and told me to never come back. Then he walked out the door. At this same restaurant, My brother and sister in law have both had nothing short of a religious sermon preached to them every time they order, for having a tattoos, etc. I thought they were exaggerating until I came in with them one day, and the manager told my sister she should name her baby (she was pregnant at the time) a name from the bible. THAT should have been the last time I went there, needless to say, I will never be going back again.

    1. Oh wow! Our experience wasn't that bad, but I've heard lots of other horror stories from this place like yours - food poisoning, horrible service, etc. But it's good to hear that we aren't the only ones who are surprised this place is so highly rated!

  3. Worst Restaurant/Management Ever! At least you get a smile and more than 2 salsa cups at betos.



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