Friday, March 9, 2012

The Skyroom

Where: The Skyroom, 6th Floor, WSC, Brigham Young University, Provo

Who Went: Chelsey & Devynne (plus Owen once)

Number of Visits: 4

What We Ordered: Buffet

What It Cost:  $30 for 2 people

What We Thought: 

Basically, the Skyroom is the "fanciest" place that you can eat on BYU campus. First off, you have to figure out how to get up to the 6th floor in the Wilk (take the elevator that is just east of Taco Bell). Then you get up there and they ask if you have a reservation (recommended, but usually they aren't super busy, so you can just go). Then you have a server who comes to your table and asks what you want to drink -- a server, on BYU campus? Well, sort of. Mostly they just function to bring you a drink (all soft drinks are included in the price, but you have to pay more if you want a special lemonade) and clear your plates, but it does feel kind of nice.

Once they take you drink order, you get to go to the buffet! Woo! Stuff yourselves people! Honestly, I haven't really been to many buffet places because from a young age, my mother instilled a deep fear of buffets within me (all those people touching the same food...yikes!), but the Skyroom is not bad for a BYU location. The food is obviously all prepared offsite beforehand (those beans look way too from-a-can...), but as far as on-campus food goes, it's pretty dang good. One thing I have to warn you about - the buffet menus they post on the website are almost always wrong. The day we went was supposed to be Chinese day, but instead we got Carne Asada tacos and enchiladas. Oh well. Just don't get your hopes up too high for any particular food.

They have a pretty good selection -- a regular salad bar on one side, a side with fruit and mixed salads (use caution when choosing here, I've had bad luck with a couple. The chicken curry salad and California salad are pretty good though), one side with soups, one side with entree-type items (rice, beans, enchiladas, tacos, carrots for us). And then they have another table with the meat cut of the day -- ours was BBQ ribs (seemed kind of strange), and they also had a little salsa bar which was fun. And then...the dessert table. This my friends is the #1 reason I come to the Skyroom. BYU knows how to do their sugar right!

Of the food we had, I felt like the tacos were better than I expected. The carne asada was surprisingly meaty and juicy, and the chicken ones were average. The enchilada was a little too greasy for me (but I'm not a huge ground beef fan), but the BBQ ribs were actually alright! Devynne didn't like her tortellini salad, and the tortilla soup had a strange flavor. But they always have a great selection fruit and the BYU cottage cheese is THE BEST!

Yeah that's a lot of desserts. Don't worry about it. We mostly only grabbed every kind just to sample them all, not to eat the whole thing...

Of all the desserts, I think the cheesecake bars were my favorite. The breads I had were a little dry, and the fruit crumble bars were not super flavorful. But the rocky road and 7-layer bars were both heavenly, and I actually really liked the coconut cake! Plus there were even MORE options that we didn't even try! Yeah man. Dessert Central.

What You Should Do: Go for a special school day. If you don't have a car, but want to eat somewhere with service and lots of options, then the Skyroom is the place for you. It certainly is not cheap, but you WILL leave feeling quite full, since you can eat as much as you want. It's only on-campus food so it's not anything super gourmet or unique, but they always have many choices, and usually at least 3/4ths of them are pretty tasty. Plus -- DESSERTS! Yay!

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  1. Just a quick note--I used to work at the Skyroom and the food is actually prepared in a kitchen right there--definitely not off site.



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