Friday, March 30, 2012

Lone Star Taquería

Where: Lone Star Taquería, 2265 Fort Union Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT

Who Went: Chelsey, Devynne, and Owen

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Burrito de Carne Desebrada, Burrito de Pollo Asado, Lone Star Nachos with Chicken, Piña and Tamarindo Jarritos Sodas

What It Cost: $28.73 for all three people

What We Thought: 

I've once said that one of the hardest questions I get from writing on this site is "What is the best Mexican food around?" Mexican food is so subjective, and there are many different variations (authentic, Tex-Mex, fresh Mexican, etc.) that I've had a hard time deciding on an official favorite.

Well, thanks to Lone Star Taquería, that difficult predicament has become easy to solve!

After reading lots of reviews on, I decided we needed to check this place out. Tons of people say that you HAVE to get the fish tacos, but somehow, none of us were in a fish taco mood so Owen and Devynne both got a burrito and I got the nachos.

The place was TOTALLY packed and busy, so we had to sit outside. Of course, this was one of the first "nice" days that spring, so I had worn just a t-shirt and was freeeeeeezing after about 10 minutes outdoors. So I sent Owen inside to do the "BYU parking lot technique" where he basically hovered like a creepy person until someone started to pack up their stuff, and then he slid into their seat and signalled for us to come inside! I guess we have learned something at this university after all!

Our drinks were served with a slice of lime, which of course just made them infinitely better. I do love my Jarritos with Mexican food, but this just brought it to a whole new level! Plus they had a strawberry flavor, which I've only ever seen a few times...I will definitely have to get it on the next visit.

When we first received our meals, I was shocked at how HUGE the serving sizes were! For the pretty low prices, we definitely got our money's worth. And just to prove how big these nachos were...

this was how much was left after 30 minutes of eating it!!! Next time we go here (which will hopefully be soon!) I think I will just get the nachos to split. They were SO good. Best nachos, in the world probably. The chips were freshly fried and thicker than usual, which made them a fabulous base for all the nacho toppings. There was a ton of fresh and creamy guacamole on top, which they didn't even charge extra for, like most Mexican places do. The grilled chicken was exceptional well-seasoned and there was so much of it, and I loved the rice and beans as well. The only thing I regret about this meal was that it did not fare so great as leftovers the next day...but I still inhaled it anyway! Great fresh flavors, and a great deal as well.

Both Owen and Devynne got the burritos, which pretty much looked the same on the outside. According to their reports, the burritos were also spectacular, though it was hard to get a report from them because they were too busy eating and were completely immersed in the food experience.

There is a lot of good stuff going on in there. Even though the burritos were, as one Urbanspoon reviewer stated, "big enough to fit a small child in," both Owen and Devynne were compelled to finish their entire burrito because each bite was just as good as the first one!

They also have a salsa bar at the front of the restaurant, so you can load up on as much salsa as you want! Not that the burritos or nachos really needed any extra flavor, but it was fun to experiment with the different choices. We liked all of the salsas, but I think the pico was our favorite.

What You Should Do: Go immediately. This my friends, is the best Mexican in Utah I've found so far. They have amazing prices, amazing flavors, amazing service, and amazing options. I was completely blown away with how delicious their food was, and will definitely be returning soon. Though next time I think I will certainly have to try the fish tacos and bring a jacket or go on a warm summer night!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Chocolate

Where: The Chocolate, 212 S State Street, Orem

Who Went: Chelsey & some girls at a bridal shower, then Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 2

What We Ordered: Kitty Katrina cake, Cazookie with half peanut butter and half white chocolate macadamia nut, Cannoli

What It Cost: $16.00

What We Thought:

We decided to check out this dessert café after it was recommended to us on our Qualtrics survey - I had been there once before for a cute little bridal shower, but it was catered just with sugar and chocolate chip cookies, so I felt like I needed to try more options to get a better perspective.

We started out with the Kitty Katrina cake - one of their most popular options with what they proclaim to have "the best buttercream" frosting ever. As we were ordering, I thought to myself that it better darn be the best frosting I've ever had, because a little slice of cake cost almost $5! You have to pay even more if you want the traditional ice cream with your cake, so I said no thanks to a $1.79 scoop of ice cream, and went for the cake straight. The cake was good, moist and full of vanilla flavor. But was it worth the heavy price tag? No way. If I'm paying almost $5 for a little dessert, it better at least fill me up or be something incredible I would never make myself. Vanilla cake that doesn't even come with ice cream? Not good enough to me.

Then we got a cazookie -- an oven-heated, slightly uncooked and gooey cookie with vanilla bean ice cream on top. We chose to get half peanut butter cookie and half white chocolate macadamia nut (also as per recommendation). Though Owen found this to be way overpoweringly sweet, I think it was actually my favorite dish of the evening. At least you felt like it was satisfying, and it was certainly large enough for two people to share. I really like gooey cookies, so this was right up my alley. The macadamia nuts in the one half were a little too big, but at least I didn't feel like they were skimping out on anything there. If I was ever to go there again, I would probably just order this for two people, and get half peanut butter and half chocolate chip.

We also got a cannoli, which was Owen's favorite. A crunchy almond-flavored pastry with ricotta and chocolate chips inside, and some smashed pistachios on the ends. It was pretty good, tasted better chilled, and at least was something unique and fun. I thought that the chocolate chips inside were a little weird and disturbed the smooth texture of the filling, but Owen was a fan.

What You Should Do: If you're out of dessert places (like we almost are!) and want to try something new, I guess you could give it a try. They do have more options than your typical dessert place, but a surprising lack of chocolate things for a place called The Chocolate...I would recommend the Cazookie to share (though the Sasquatch at Brick Oven is a little cheaper and has a brownie inside too...mmmm), otherwise your dessert option could quickly add up to the same cost as dinner! Overall a cute location but too pricey and not entirely unique.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Pendulum Court

Where: Pendulum Court, Eyring Science Center, Brigham Young University

Who Went: Chelsey & Devynne

Number of Visits: 3

What We Ordered: Mediterranean Chicken Pasta, Beef Taco Salad, Tuxedo Cheesecake (we've also tried the Macadamia Chicken, Lasagna Soup, and a few other things)

What It Cost: $5.75 for one entrée, about $7/person

What We Thought:

Though it has crazy limited hours and you have to make a reservation before going, I think that the Pendulum Court may be my overall favorite place to eat on BYU campus. It's totally inconvenient, but if you can make it, you're in for a somewhat reasonably priced and usually healthy meal. The PenCourt is run by students who major in Nutrition and Food Science (or other related majors), so they try to focus on making the meals well-rounded and balanced. They include healthy things like whole grain pasta, lean meats, sides of fruits, and low-fat dairy products. And even though it's usually just students putting on the whole show, it is usually pretty well prepared and tastes fantastic.

When we visited the other day, Devynne got the Mediterranean Chicken Pasta. Pros: A rather large portion, good tasting cream sauce, and a nice touch of artichoke hearts. Cons: We could count the number of chicken pieces on one hand. And it's not because they were particularly large pieces either...Oh well. They are on a BYU budget, I get it. It was still pretty good overall, and very satisfying.

The beef taco salad is a choice that they offer everyday, and was a lot better this time than what I remembered. The beef is not ground (thankfully), but is shredded, marinated, and pretty juicy overall. They use plenty of crisp, fresh Romaine lettuce, and the cheese, though clearly pre-processed, actually had some flavor. I've had both dressings and enjoyed both options - the jalapeño ranch being my favorite choice.

And the cheesecake, wow. This was a good cheesecake. It has marvelous flavor, rich and luxurious texture, and just enough chocolate sauce to make it perfect. My only regret is that I had to wolf down this amazing treat in 2 minutes so that I could rush to class since they have such limited hours!

What You Should Do: Definitely go. Of all places on campus to have lunch, I like the food best here of all. They serve healthy, well-balanced options, and even though it's not super cheap, it's modestly priced compared to other on-campus locations. Just make sure to check their limited schedule of hours, and make a reservation! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bruges Waffles & Frites

Where: Bruges Waffles and Frites, 336 W Broadway, Salt Lake City

Who Went: Chelsey and Devynne

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: 1 small order of Frites with Brasil mayo, Torpedo Waffle, Waffle Monster

What It Cost: $20.49

What We Thought:

I have to admit -- I was skeptical about this place. I've never really been a huge waffle person, only spent $2.50 on a crappy waffle maker from Walmart on Black Friday to satisfy my husband's repeated requests, and definitely don't want to spend lots of money on what I viewed as a glorified breakfast food. When I heard about Bruges Waffles and Frites, I thought -- "Really? They just serve waffles and fries?" I had looked at pictures of different orders on Urbanspoon, thought that the portion sizes looked totally dinky and overpriced, and figured it was just a fad thing. What's the big deal about Belgian waffles anyway?

Well the raving reviews haven't stopped, and I decided that during a recent trip to Salt Lake, I needed to find out for myself what the big deal was after all.

Let's start with the shop itself. There really is only one word to describe this place -- TINY. There is only a 6-seat bar for people to sit, approximately 2 feet away from the register. Luckily we came on a weekday at 11, so it was pretty empty, but rumor has it that this place fills up quick and can have crazy lines. Go during the off-hours! The owner has a delightful accent and is very friendly - apparently he and I have the same car, so we chatted about gas mileage and snow capabilities for a while. He also encouraged us to taste of the store's crunchy Specaloos spread. I also have been skeptical of this supposedly imported spread, since I can find it at my local grocery store (the brand name is Biscoff spread), but I've only ever been able to buy the smooth variety -- this crunchy kind took it to a whole new level for me! We ordered 2 waffles and some frites of course, though they do have a couple other options (the intimidating Machine Gun sandwich and some stew?), and got our food pretty quickly.

The fries were good. They were served hot, were nice and crispy, and were just the right width and consistency. I liked them with the fun flavored mayo we got (the Brasil mayo had flavors of pineapple, curry, and more!) and ate every last crumb. But would I make a 45-minute drive just for these fries? Probably not.

Now, the waffles...these are a totally different story. 

As I was reading up about this place, I learned that there are actually two different kinds of Belgian waffles - Brussels waffles (which are thinner, crisper, with deeper holes and rectangular shape), and Liège waffles (made with a thick dough more like bread, with chunks of pearl sugar that melt and caramelize on the outside of the waffle and form a crispy coating). Bruges serves Liège waffles, and they were one of the most heavenly things I have ever partaken of.

The imported pearl sugar forms the most delicious crispy exterior of the waffles, and is still melty and amazing when they serge it to you. The waffles are thick, but not overwhelming, and perfectly sweet. The Torpedo waffle, which was stuffed with Belgian chocolate bars, was wonderfully indulgent. The crème fraîche on top was the best I've ever had, and helped counterbalance the intense sweetness of the chocolate and waffle. This waffle was so mind-blowing that it inspired me to make my own crème fraîche for an apple pie I made, following this recipe -- it is so much better than regular whipped cream!

The Waffle Monster, shown above, was a waffle split in half, with warm crunchy Specaloos spread inside, along with sliced strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream. Wow. Wow. Wow. I don't think that there are words that can sufficiently how breathtaking the combination of sweet Specaloos, tart fresh strawberries, and creamy delicious vanilla bean ice cream were inside this perfect little waffle sandwich. All I can say, is you gotta try it. And I totally get what the big deal about Belgian waffles is now!

Waffle Sources: 

- A woman's experience in Belgium with both types of waffles
- An authentic Liège waffle recipe
- Wikipedia's input
- Another traveler's experiences

What You Should Do: 

Get in the car, and drive there right this minute! Seriously. Your life is not complete until you have tried this incredible Belgian treat. If you're feeling extra carb-hungry, then you can get the frites too, but definitely be sure to get a waffle. Or two. Or three. Or more... If you're daring, try the machine gun sandwich -- I think that when I get up there again with my husband, I'll try to convince him to get it. Some love it, and some say it's WAY too heavy. All I know is that these were the most life-changing waffles I've ever had, and you know, I think I may be a waffle person now.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sam Hawk

Where: Sam Hawk Korean Restaurant, 660 N Freedom Blvd, Provo

Who Went: Chelsey and Owen

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Beef Bulgogi and Jop Chae

What It Cost: $23.00

What We Thought:

I just have to start out this post with a huge disclaimer -- of all types of foods, I really do not know that much about Asian foods. I have been hesitant to write about any because people who know what really is good and authentic will just make fun of me and realize I'm totally clueless with many ethnic foods.

But even though I don't necessarily know what is authentic or true to the country, I still think I have a pretty good idea of what tastes good, what good service looks like, and what a pleasant restaurant experience is. Plus I checked with some of my Korean friends to see what they thought, so I have a little more credibility!

We were seated rather quickly and got our food pretty fast. Before bringing out our entreés, our server brought out two giant glasses of water (seriously large, I was expecting super spicy food!) and six different little side dishes and 2 pots of sticky rice. It was a little overwhelming for us first-time Korean food eaters, and we didn't really know how to eat each item...but it still tasted good! Apparently Sam Hawk is one of the few places that makes their own kimchi, which is pretty cool, and basically I just tried lots of different combinations until I decided what tasted good!

The first thing I thought when I received my beef bulgogi was -- "Wow, that is a lot of meat!!" I was impressed with the size of the entreé, and loved the flavor. The meat was pretty tender, flavorful, and steaming hot! It was served with romaine lettuce on the side, presumable so you can make a little lettuce wrap kind of like this:

But after getting food poisoning from the lettuce wraps at the Rainforest Café on our honeymoon, I've had a mental/physical block against lettuce wraps, so I pretty much just ate the meat straight up. Yeah, I'm carnivorous that way...And the dish was super good in that way!

Owen got the noodle dish, Jop Chae. These noodles are commonly nicknamed "Glass Noodles," were translucent, and were unlike anything we've ever tasted, texture-wise. They were smooth and fun to bite into, and tossed with a great medley of vegetables. The noodle dish was very filling, and we loved the unique flavors and consistency.

What You Should Do: Give it a try! We originally were trying to go to dinner at a Mexican place called Chunga's that night, but it's apparently closed, so I remembered a recommendation from our restaurant survey (click link or see on sidebar of page) and decided to give it a try! We were pleasantly surprised, and left the restaurant satisfied and excited to try more Korean food. As small as Provo is, there are tons of great opportunities to try food from other cultures, and we would definitely recommend this restaurant.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Schedule

Hey Everyone!

In case you think I am being a slacker today, don't worry - you are right! For the sake of our budget and my sanity, we are going to be switching to a MWF schedule for posting here on Eat BYU. So...look forward to more food tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Where: Yogurtland, 534 E University Parkway, Orem

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen, Chelsey & some girlfriends

Number of Visits: 5

What We Ordered:  A variety of smaller-sized flavors, usually mixed, with all sorts of toppings

What It Cost: $7.30

What We Thought:

Yogurtland is the best frozen yogurt place out there in terms of variety and options. They always have a wide range of flavor choices, and more toppings than you could ever choose from! This crazy large assortment of options can sometimes lead to rather...interesting flavor combinations (see below, Owen mixing sour gummy worms with brownie bites?), but there is no way that you will ever get bored of this place! The yogurt itself is not the creamiest or richest I've ever tasted, but I am always impressed with how true the flavors taste. The strawberry yogurt actually tastes like strawberries (not gross artificial flavors), the peanut butter cookie flavor tastes just like real crisscross cookies, the chocolate milkshake tastes exactly like the best chocolate shake I've ever had, the snozberries taste like snozberries! Just kidding. I wish they had a snozberry flavor...Anyway, they taste pretty real, which makes it that much more fun! 

I love to mix flavors and come up with my own concoctions, and Yogurtland is the best place for this. It's all self-serve, so you can get as much or little of whatever you want -- above I got about half blueberry, half tangerine tango, with a little touch of mint creme..yum. My favorite thing about this place is probably the popping bobas. I just can't get over how fun they are! They have three flavor choices too -- passion fruit, mango, and strawberry bobas. Way too much fun for me. 

Owen went a little topping crazy as you can see...and it's hard not too! They have nearly every flavor of candy bar, tons of fresh fruit choices, cookie dough, brownie or cheesecake bites, gummy everything, Ghiradelli chocolate sauce, mochi, Nerds, cereal, nuts, EVERYTHING! I especially love the tiny gummy bears and the little caramel filled chocolate cups...I could just get a cup full of toppings and be satisfied!

The prices are pretty cheap compared to most other yogurt places, but I do have to warn you -- it gets pretty busy! Even though there may be a long line, it usually moves through pretty quickly, but make sure to get a sample cup (or two!) from the person at the register at the beginning, because no one will be thanking you if you have to backtrack through the line.

What You Should Do: Go. Even though frozen yogurt places are WAY more expensive than buying ice cream at the grocery store, at least Yogurtland provides you with a fun experience where you can play mix master with tons of different yogurt flavors and toppings. Also, the spoons are cute. Just saying.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Eliane French Bakery

Where: Eliane French Bakery, 1750 S State Street, Orem

Who Went: Chelsey & my friend Katie, then Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 2

What We Ordered: Way too many little pastries...

What It Cost: $13.83

What We Thought:

I think this little French bakery has changed my life here in Provo.

Let me just preface this by saying I have never been to France, and am not really the expert on true authentic French cuisine. But I would say that I am an expert on what tastes good, and this my friends, is not a place to miss out on!

Eliane French Bakery is tucked away next to a little dance studio and a couple other shops on State Street, and has hours that are sometimes hard to accomodate (10-6 according to their Facebook, but when I got there, the sign said 12-7?). But once you step inside and inhale that incredibly scent of freshly baked bread, all those inconveniences melt away, and you are transported to a land of pastries and wonder.

Eliane, the store owner who actually hails from Tahiti, not France (but he assured me that they speak French and eat French cuisine there), is a bit reserved and is hesitant to give specific recommendations (he said that they all are his favorite!), but is more than willing to give advice on where to get the best cheese to go with his freshly made baguettes (WinCo), and was fortunately very patient with me as I took my own sweet time trying to make up my mind about what to try. But I got to say - he was right! They are pretty much all delicious!

Both Katie and I got a mouse -- I ordered the blueberry mousse, and Katie got the lemon cheesecake one (adorned here with a delicious selection of fresh, ripe fruit). Biting into the mousse was unlike anything I've ever experienced. It had such a true, rich blueberry taste, and the consistency was heavenly. Katie didn't really love her lemon cheesecake one as much, but we decided that it was because it didn't have the typical cheesecake-like texture she was expecting. If you go into it knowing that it will have the texture of a mousse, you will be more than satisfied.

Katie ordered some real food (unlike the desserts-only me...), and got the Croque Monsieur. This sandwich is on two thick slices of French bread, baked with ham and cheese and a rich sauce. I know this will probably offend all French people everywhere, but the closest thing that it reminded me of flavor-wise was scalloped potatoes. We decided that it was definitely enough to fill 2 people, and for its low price of ~$5, it was definitely a great deal. Next time I will certainly try one of his promising quiches...if I save any room after dessert!

I am a lemon fanatic, so this lemon tart immediately stole my heart. Eliane's tart crusts were unlike any I've ever tasted before. They were perfectly buttery and crumbly, a fantastic support with even better flavor. I must learn his secrets!

Another great thing about this place is that you can try even more varieties with his options for mini desserts. Since my goal in life is basically to try everything he sells in this place, I took advantage of this and got the mini pear-almond tart and mini chocolate eclair. The pear-almond tart was actually the biggest disappointment to me. I couldn't really tell what kind of nut accompanied the scanty amount of pear, but this was probably my own fault because I ordered the mini version, and there was a much smaller filling to crust ratio.

But I totally cursed myself for only ordering the mini version of this chocolate was AMAZING! The chocolate filling was so rich and well, chocolately, and I loved the crisp golden pastry that surrounded it. Wow. I don't even know how else to describe it, besides you better go there and get one right now.

Next I tried the Strawberry Napoleon. The cream filling was so real, rich and decadent, and the strawberries were fresh and flavorful. The whole thing was put together by the delicious cake-y inside, and I had the hardest time restraining myself from eating the whole thing, so I could bring some home to my husband. It was like the most perfect strawberry shortcake you have ever imagined. Times ten.

The baguettes. Oh the baguettes. So crisp and crackly on the outside, and soft and wonderful on the inside. For some bizarre reason I only got a demi-baguette the first time I went...and the second time we went, I got two full ones! They are the best fresh bread I have ever partaken of, and I am pretty sure that picking up a baguette here will become a weekly habit for me. A little warning though - these baguettes are a little messy. I haven't figured out the best way to break the bread without getting little crackly crumbs everywhere, but I don't care! It's so good!

Just look at that. Do I even need to describe it? Chocolate mousse, so decadent and rich and amazing. The ultimate indulgence, right here people.

These photos are just from the first trip I took there. After that fateful Saturday afternoon, I dragged Owen there the next week and we picked up 2 full baguettes, a mini fruit tart, a full size chocolate eclair, and this slice of brioche layered cake with cream filling and a dusting of powdered sugar...all for $10! Some people complain that this place is expensive, but if they are selling little old cupcakes for $2.50, I totally think that this unique, hand-crafted pastries are definitely worth it!

What You Should Do: Go right now! Make it a weekly habit like I will be doing to pick up some fresh bread every week, and possibly a little treat or two! I love this rare little bakery gem right here in Provo, and I hope you will be able to enjoy it too!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wing Nutz

I bet that I have lulled you into a false sense of security lately with all these great places to eat...but beware! Not everything in Utah County is fantastic (you already knew that of course), so let me tell you about a place you should certainly skip.

Where: Wing Nutz, 1054 S 750 E, Orem

Who Went: Chelsey & my sister-in-law Abby

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Two small orders of wings - 1 with Jamaican Jerk sauce and 1 with Teriyaki sauce

What It Cost: $12

What We Thought: 

Let me just start off by saying that I made my first mistake when I decided that it would be a good idea to take my 11-year-old sister-in-law here before going to see the movie Monte Carlo (yeah, the one with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester). The bar-like atmosphere may be fun for people who want to escape the normal Provo atmosphere, but it was no place for two relatively young girls on a Saturday afternoon.

Despite being female and a chick-flick lover, I do love my wings, as you all are very aware (sorry, will cut back on the wings posts...someday...). So I was excited to see their menu with a variety of sauces, and thought that maybe since they were baked instead of fried I could justify them as being more healthy or something. There were only two problems with this.

First off, the sauces were sadly boring. I could hardly distinguish between the two flavors, and it was a very superficial taste since they did not penetrate the actual wing at all. Sure they have lots of sauce options, but what's the point if none of them taste that great? Also, since the wings were baked, they didn't have any of that crunch or fantastic typical texture of wings. Such a disappointment. Not to mention that they felt incredibly overpriced for the small batch that we got (5 wings each at $6/order). Or the 25 minute wait we had to get 10 total wings for a place that pretty much only serves wings and there were only 2 other parties in the restaurant. I almost missed my movie!

What You Should Do: Avoid. There are so many other great wing places in the area, you really shouldn't waste your time or money here. The service is slow and uninviting, the prices are too high, and the wings just aren't that great. And definitely don't bring your 11-year-old sister-in-law here. It's just too weird.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slab Pizza

Where: Slab Pizza, 669 N 800 N, Provo

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Fennel Sausage + Chèvre Slab, Chile Verde Slab

What It Cost: $12.93

What We Thought: 

I never thought that I would say this, but I think that The Slab may be my new favorite pizza place.

People, this is a big deal.

And BIG pieces of PIZZA!

When The Slab first opened, I have to admit, I was quick to judge. I thought that it was just going to be your typical, cheap-o, super greasy Little Caesar's-esque pizza place where students would go just to eat and be full on a tight budget.

Oh, how wrong I was.

We went there for dinner on a Thursday night around 5:30, and were met with friendly and relatively fast service. Some people have complained that it is a little slow, but they have to wait until 4 people have ordered because you literally get a quarter of a whole pizza that they make up for you right then and there.

When our pizzas arrived, I couldn't believe how huge they were. And for only $6! We actually both ordered flavors that were the most expensive price, but they have your traditional flavors for only $4/slab, and many other delicious options for $5. Such a great deal.

But it wouldn't be a great deal if it was disgusting or skimpy on the toppings, right? Fortunately for us, and every BYU student, neither of these things were true! Owen's Chile Verde pizza was LOADED with delicious, juicy seasoned pork (I couldn't believe how much meat there was!), and if you're thinking that Mexican food on a pizza sounds prepared to be proven wrong! It was amazing and delicious!  Other Slab customers have commented that they didn't like the crust, but I found it thin and sturdy enough to hold all the toppings, but still soft and complemented the pizza well.

Fennel sausage, goat cheese, and kalamata olives? You don't see that on a cheap pizza every day! It was amazing. The sausage was plentiful and flavorful, and I loved the smooth, rich consistency of the chèvre. This is the pizza of my dreams, everyone. So so so good.

What You Should Do: Go right now! It is a little hard to find parking since it is so close to BYU campus, but you could probably even walk there (especially if you live south of campus). It is a fantastic price, and I can't get over how many different flavor options they have! Here are a few that I am looking forward to trying next: Buffalo Wing, Fire, Thai Chicken, Rosemary Potato + Bacon, Breakfast (!!!!), Red Curry Pulled Pork, Chicken Cordon Bleu...and the list goes on!

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