Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shakey's Pizza Parlor

Where: Shakey's Pizza Parlor, 496 N 900 W, American Fork

Who Went: Chelsey, Owen, and all Owen's family

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: "Bunch of Lunch Buffet"

What It Cost: ~$8.00/person (for lunch)

What We Thought: 

After experiencing (and loving) the buffet pizzas of Pizza Pie Café, we were excited to try this new pizza buffet restaurant with Owen's family in American Fork. I really need to stop getting my hopes up so high for every place we go to...

It was surprisingly busy, so we first sought out a place to sit while we waited for the line to go down a little bit. Then we got in the buffet line and were presented first with pasta options. This is the secret of buffets -- fill you up and fill up your plate first with cheap pasta. Then they had some other choices - "mojos" which were like big steak fries, macaroni and cheese, salad, these little garlic bread things (best part of the meal), and then finally what we came for. The pizza. Yay for carbs, carbs, and more carbs.

The pizza itself was a huge disappointment, especially since it was the "main highlight" of the buffet. The pizzas were relatively small in size, and the crust was horrible! Hard and dry, it was like eating canned sauce on a piece of cardboard. They were skimpy with the toppings, and there were only 4 choices out a time while we were there, a huge lack in variety for a "pizza buffet." If you are vegetarian, like Owen's brother Jarom, you'll pretty much be stuck with cheese - only 1 veggie pizza came out while we were there, and it's a race to get a slice. The only pizza that was somewhat tolerable was the buffalo chicken pizza, probably because the buffalo sauce actually gave it some flavor.

What You Should Do: Don't go here. There are many other better choices for pizza buffets in the area for the same price (even Pizza Factory is doing a lunch buffet special now), and you will be so much better off avoiding this inflexible and flavorless pizza.

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