Friday, February 24, 2012

El Chubasco

Where: El Chubasco, 1890 Bonanza Drive, Park City (in a little strip mall, not really close to Main Street)

Who Went: Chelsey & Owen

Number of Visits: 1

What We Ordered: Combo Plate: Carnitas Tacos, Chicken Enchilada + Tamale, Big Asada Burrito, Mexican Style, Smothered with Salsa Rojo, Limón Jarritos Soda

What It Cost: $22.50

What We Thought: 

Thanks to presidents, we had a three-day weekend and decided to take a little road trip on our Monday off up to Park City. Of course we wanted to go out to lunch, so I checked out our good friend to get a recommendation, and decided to go to the #1 highest-rated restaurant in Park City. Should be good in a city known for having lots of good restaurants, right?

The salsa bar (shown above) is what many of the reviewers raved about. I admit that it does have a really broad selection - more salsas than you could even try, and hot pepper ratings shown on the signs that help you know the spiciness level. But really, none of them tasted any better or more special than something I could get at the grocery store from Herdez.

But at least it is fun to try lots of flavors while you are waiting for your food...

It arrived quickly, which was good, but if you read carefully above, you would notice that this burrito was indeed not covered in rojo salsa. They must have thought that Owen wanted salsa verde, so we were a little disappointed that they got his order wrong, but we were too hungry to send it back. Halfway through the burrito, Owen wished that he had done differently, but by then, what could we do? Anyway, the burrito indeed was BIG. You certainly get your money's worth with this burrito, and it is filled to the brim with meat. If only the meat had actually been good....the carne asada was sadly really dry and not very flavorful. If you want to eat just to get full, then this may be a good option for you. But we were disappointed that we paid for extra sauce and got the wrong kind, and then the insides of the burrito were so dry and boring.

The combo plate looked promising, with lots of fun colors and good presentation. I started off with the carnitas tacos, and honestly, I was so hungry at this point that I can't really remember what they tasted like. They weren't amazing, but they weren't horrible either. Then I moved on to the tamale - another reviewer said that their tamales aren't that great and that they wouldn't order them again, but it was actually my favorite part of the whole meal! The corn exterior was soft and good consistency, and I enjoyed the overall flavor. The enchilada was the skinniest little enchilada I've ever seen! They hide it under a mountain of cabbage so you can't tell how tiny it is, and it was filled with incredibly overcooked chicken. The beans and rice were an expected complement to the meal, but they weren't the most savory I've ever had.

What You Should Do: Go if you have to. I think that the only reason that this restaurant is rated so highly is because it's in Park City, and it's probably the only place you can go without feeling like you're completely breaking the bank. Plus the salsa bar is kind of fun. The portion sizes are very large, and it is pretty reasonably priced despite its location, which may be what you are looking for when hungry after a day of skiing. But is the food the best Mexican I've ever had? Far from it. We didn't even want to take the rest of Owen's burrito home.

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  1. Apparently 85% of people disagree with you. It's a shame to miss out on a good restaurant just because a couple of things weren't perfect the first time you went.

  2. Yes, it was also a shame that we drove out an hour just to try this place, and that it was so disappointing. Unfortunately, we just don't have it in our college student budget to try out-of-town places multiple times.

  3. I try to go to Park City (just over an hour each way) once-a-month just to eat there. Next time try the Bistec a la Mexicana -- religions have been started over less-amazing experiences!



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