Friday, January 27, 2012

Nicolitalia Pizzeria (but not for the pizza!)

Where: Nicolitalia Pizzeria, 2295 N University Pkwy, Provo (across the street from the dollar theater)

Who Went: Chelsey, Owen, Devynne, Abby (Devynne's former roommate)

Number of Visits: 2

What We Ordered: Trip 1: 10 piece hot wings, The Stallion pizza. Trip 2: 10 piece hot wings, Margherita pizza, & Strada di Roma pizza

What It Cost: Trip 1: $22.07, Trip 2: 20.45 (we had a coupon for a free margherita pizza with purchase of other pizza)

What We Thought: 

My goodness. This photo can hardly do justice to the glorious flavor of these wings. They are perfect. They are spicy. They are juicy. They are just the right amount of greasy and messy. They are heaven on earth. Order them, and you'll never go back to any other type of wings. When Owen and I started eating these our first time, we ate them in complete silence, trying to partake of that delicious flavor as fast as we could without any distraction. Then we just looked at each other and said, "Wow." No other words can describe this amazingness. 

Also, I promise this is the last post you'll hear about wings for a while! I know you think I'm obsessed with them and that's all I eat (only 90% true), but I couldn't resist sharing these with you! You must know of their wonderfulness!

Needless to say, our hopes were pretty high when our pizza arrived.

We should have just stuck with the wings. 

We ordered the Stallion pizza -- Spinach, Mozzarella, "Gah-lic," Pepperoni, and Steak. Notice how I didn't say any type of sauce? Well, it didn't come with sauce. That was weird. And dry. And it was that day where I learned the difference between garlic and gah-lic (the terminology they use at Nicolitalia, since they're from Boston I guess?) Garlic is an herb that I love cooking with and using to enhance the flavor of many meals. It is awesome and I really enjoy the smell and taste. Gah-lic on the other hand, is a huge chunk of highly aromatic and robust garlic clove that clears your sinuses completely with the first bite and completely overpowers any other flavors that may be lurking on your pizza. Stay away from the gah-lic! All I could taste on this pizza was the gah-lic, and I'm pretty sure I will be safe from vampires for the rest of my life thanks to this dining experience. 

We went back another time with my sister and her roommate, mostly to get the wings, but also because we had a coupon and thought maybe we had missed out on something. We hadn't. Their margherita pizza was only so-so (go to Pizzeria 712 instead!), and the sauce on both of the pizzas was very flavorless. 

What You Should Do: Go right now -- but only for the wings!!! Stay away from the pizza and dangerous gah-lic and just be glad that this joint got one menu item right. Oh so right. 

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  1. This blog is a good idea, I like it. And I think Mountain West Burrito is due for a little review.

  2. Oh they are definitely on our list -- they are one of our favorite places, but every time we go there we eat our food too quickly that I forget to take a photo of it! Thanks for the comments, and share the word with your friends!

  3. So glad I found your blog. I have some many new restaurants to discover around Provo!!

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  5. My husband and I tried the wings per your review last night...and all I can say is thank you. We'll be back within the week. I recommend getting a garden salad with the house made creamy Italian dressing to share (in addition to a 10-pcs. wing order for each of you). It comes with a crusty roll and butter and is way more than we could eat together. We paid like 17.50 in total and left very happy. They have several different flavors of wings and we did the standard buffalo wings. They are the perfect blend of sweet and hot, tender and crispy. Not to mention the pool of sauce they are served in. You can see our pic here:

  6. Caroline, I'm so glad to hear that! They really still are our favorite wings of all time. We've only ever had the hot flavor, but it sounds like we will have to try other varieties!

  7. Hmmm...I don't necessarily agree with your pizza review. The pizza there is amazing, if you get the right one. I would recommend the Nicolitalia's Special Pizza: sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and peppahs. It is to die for. Don't knock all the pizza until you try them.

    1. That's good to know! We've done enough new reviews around the area so we are starting to do a few restaurant update visits (starting with tomorrow's post) to see if anything has changed - we'll have to check this one out again :)

  8. Whoa, whoa, sorry, but I don't agree with this review. Been here many times and have enjoyed every slice. I'm from Jersey and these Bostonians do it right. Provo location is like a ma and pa shop, which I really like. I'd say this is definitely one of the top pizza joints in the area.

    Este's in SLC has delicious east coast NY style pizza. It's very good.



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